Friday, 20 January 2023

Remote Control

 It’s Front End Friday aka #FEF again. 

Dudley and Deliberation Dave watch the little locomotive potter in and out of the colliery pulling and pushing wagons to and from the canal coal wharf just out of shot to the left. 

And whilst Dudley is normally looking at his darn notebook, today he’s testing a new fangled radio control unit. He finds this easy because he doesn’t have to change his navel gazing pose too much, which is helpful seeing he’s made of 3D printed resin. 

“Radio control” I hear you sniffle, accompanied with by an adenoidal grunt as you spill your cup of tea all down your white shirt mother freshly ironed for you. Well, here’s the story; the engine has been fitted with a complex arrangement of steam powered levers and other paraphernalia which allows it to be driven remotely - Dudley in this case. 

Sadly, for fireman Barclay, he has to remain in the cab moving coal around and tending to the fire. But at least at breakfast time he’ll be able to enjoy the sausages, egg and bacon all to himself that will shortly be simmering on his shovel, also known as a ‘footplate man’s fry-up’. Delicious. 


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