Monday, 9 January 2023

Don’t Look Up!

Might this be the end of Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe’s illicit moonshine business? As we can see, our dashing, but loveable business and ladies’ man has been trapped by former investigators of little green men, UFOs, the occult and things that go ‘boo’ in the middle of the night, Mouldy & Scullery. 

As long as they don’t look up, he’ll probably be okay. For the moonshine still and associated paraphernalia gets moved around lot. Apart from cloud fanatics and plane spotters, people tend to never look up, so in fact its location on top of the pub toilet is ideal. And of course in this era of the smartphone, nobody over looks up above shoulder height, with the younger generation not even looking above knee height, as they giggle at yet more dancing rabbits or nurses on TickTock or whatever it’s called on their tiny screens whilst walking in to lampposts. 

But should they look up, because here in the land of the inch high, the smartphone has yet to be invented, Bob the Geeza Cat will jump off his lofty perch and rub himself around Scullery’s legs, remembering that she has a rather bad cat allergy. As for Mouldy, Terry will report him for not wearing his  police jacket. 

And finally, their Panda car is likely to be taken out at any time by a passing train. 


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