Friday, 27 January 2023

Striking The Pose

It’s Front End Friday again #FEF

The little ex London & North Western Railway ‘Web Coal Tank’ has remained at Combwich shed for the Highbridge service for almost 2 weeks now. Usually this service is very quiet outside commuter hours, but since the locomotive’s arrival in this remote part of Somerset, passenger levels have increased tenfold with up to 10 passengers on a good day, with some riding the cushions for several trips. 

The little locomotive has been attracting a lot of railway enthusiasts and photographers keen to enjoy the engine so far from home. The loco is officially based many miles away at 84G Shrewsbury shed, but because its had quite a history of regular engine shed hopping often after only a few weeks, they probably haven’t noticed its disappearance in far off Shropshire. 

As with my post from a week or two, the loco crews are expected to pose for photographers prior to each departure, with Derek and Deliberation Dave now striking the perfect stance for the clicking shutters. 

And finally, of course attention loving Bob Geeza Cat is in on the act, hoping that he’ll be offered a little tinned spam or cheese from the many enthusiasts’ packed lunches made by ‘mother’. 


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