Thursday, 12 January 2023

Pub Snacks

Sid Ding, yard foreman and part time exotic takeaway owner, waves off the departure of the morning goods. To the right, as always, it’s the end of Harry The Hammer’s shift. He and Hubert the conversational Latin speaking wagon shunting horse, will shortly be heading to the pub over there on the left in the far distance.

Hubert likes an ale or two, and a few salty knuckle scratchings - a specialty of the pub which is known for its bare knuckle fights on Thursdays. The pub also sells salty deep fried wasps, they also being a much sought after treat after the conclusion of the weekly ladies’ wasp chewing competition. As you can see, nothing goes to waste here in the land of the inch high, with the sweepings of the pub floor after match days being turned in to delicious high protein beer snacks. 

Quite how today’s quinoa and tofu sucking generation would cope if they travelled back in time I’m not sure, but that’s unlikely to happen seeing we have yet to invent a time machine. But I did read the other day that we all might be eating insects one day, so it’s possible that deep fried crispy wasps will be on the menu, but maybe not half chewed ones. 

And finally, hopefully our miniature chums will get to the pub before the heavens open, those clouds do look rather laden. Luckily the pub allows horses in to the public bar.

Tech: iPhone 14 Pro, macro mode, Apple ProRAW. Photoshop glitter.


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