Saturday, 28 January 2023

Industrial Action

Saturday down at the canal coal wharf. As usual plenty is going on, starting with the obligatory bidding on a crate of moonshine between Henry High Vis, Boatman Brian, Doug and his brother Douglas (who’s left his shovel at home). Colin today is overseeing the bidding war. 

Meanwhile Derek is chatting to Bob Geeza Cat in meow speak about tinned fish and finding the warmest place for an afternoon nap. Derek has no interest in moonshine, he’s more of a Horlicks or Ovaltine kind of chap having recently joined the O Gauge Guild as a lifetime member. 

Up on the bridge, PC Mouldy has been trying to spy on the moonshine bidding, but has been distracted by Nasal Nigel’s antics just visible in front of the WW2 concrete pillbox. Nigel as usual is fiddling with his greasy TT gauge ‘Flying Scotsman’ locomotive inside the special pocket of his bus spotter’s green flasher-mac. He really must stop doing that in public at least, but to Nigel that’s probably half the thrill. 

And finally, PC Moudy’s sidekick PC Scullery is nowhere to been seen, but we all know that she has a severe cat fur allergy, and that even the sight of Bob Geeza Cat at 75 yards will set her off. The Moonshiners are fully aware of this, so Bob is bribed with tinned sardines to follow them around. 


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