Wednesday, 18 January 2023

S&DJR 7F in Gloucestershire & North Norfolk

Occasionally former S&DJR 7F 2-8-0 freight locomotives would venture beyond the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway network. At Cement Quay on the edge Severn in nearby Gloucester, 53809 of Bath shed arrives with empties for the quarry which is accessed via the cement works here. 

This particular turn is more often than not in the hands of a Western Region registered ex LMS 8F 2-8-0 locomotive or BR 9F 2-10-0. But luckily, viewed from the comfort my time machine I had my camera to hand to record this unusual event. 

Hopefully the crew who ‘borrowed’ the locomotive returned the loco un damaged, I imagine they did, because this particular engine is now preserved on the North Norfolk Railway in Norfolk. North Norfolk should anybody be confused, is where the North Norfolk Railway is of course. And for the benefit of my US readers, our North Norfolk has nothing to do with your very own Norfolk & Southern, though you’ve probably worked that out. 

Streetlight fanatics will no doubt by more interested in the early electric lantern and post to the right of the loco of course, I believe it’s known as an ESLA, but I’m probably wrong. 

Regulars to this page, might have noticed the lack of posts for the last day or two, that is because I’ve been travelling the country with my time machine. And whilst I was able record what I saw with a modern digital camera disguised as a wind up alarm clock, sadly I couldn’t post to the internet, because of course it didn’t exist in 1961. 


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