Wednesday 11 January 2023

Retro Wide Angle Wednesday

Retro Wide Angle Wednesday 

Traditional film fits in quite well with the digital age. And indeed in more recent years has started to a make a comeback with the keen hobbyist photographer. Quality film cameras, now hold their value, unlike a few years ago. Possibly the interest in digital mirrorless cameras, which via an adapter allow the use of film era lenses is fuelling this a little as people rediscover their old kit, or find bargain secondhand lenses to mess about with - especially the variety which cannot be used on a DSLR with its mirror box.

This photo on Catcott was taken on Ilford XP2 processed in a high street minilab. The resulting negative was then digitised on the home-scanner, my trusty and now almost 20 year old Epson 4870. The camera is a rather beaten up mid-1970's Nikon FM I bought from a junk shop over 30 years ago in south east London. The lens, the wide end of a slightly more recent Nikkor 18-35mm AFD wide-angle zoom. I have many old cameras, I collect them like Class 37 fanatics do miniature chattering DCC sound fitted ones.

And finally,  inch high people are having a day off, but I’m sure they’ll return once the little green men from the planet Zob drop them back after their abduction. There’s no way they’ll be able to put up with Nasal Nigel for more than a few hours. 


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