Friday 13 January 2023

Special Blend

Front end Friday again…

The cleaners at the local engine shed appear to have done a wonderful job with those oily rags on Number 5. Photographic royalty ‘Oh dear boy’ Ivan Locksmith, is unusually without his camera (I’m guessing he wasn’t expecting such a fine steed and left his trusty Rolleiflex at home) puffs away on his pipe enjoying the brief moment of the passing train. 

The smug squeaky voiced ‘rules and regulations’ brigade will no doubt point out that he should really be the other side of the fence, but in the land of the inch high, we try not to worry about such trivialities at the expense of a pretty photograph. And anyway the other side of the fence is that of the North Somerset Coal Board, or a stinking pond depending on which side of the line. 

Ivan is always a happy man, especially when smoking his pipe, and being the owner of a wonderful greenhouse on his country estate which could put Kew Gardens to shame, he grows his own ‘special’ smoking blend. Rumour has it was propagated from some unusual seeds he found in the ashtray of the beer garden of pub in Glastonbury many years ago, but of course we’ll never know for sure. 


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