Friday, 6 January 2023

Parallel Universe

It’s Friday morning, as photographer Ivan Locksmith and Barry Bullhead watch the new Bath service from Frome via Chilcompton pass through. Don’t as too many questions, the service is all rather complex and convoluted, and personally I doubt it will be a success - but what do I know as a simple creator of miniature nonsense? But I’m sure some of you will have it all worked out, so feel free to discuss. But do remember that Polbrook Gurney Colliery and The Pedant & Armchair don’t feature on any maps, either contemporary or historic. But in that rose tinted parallel universe they might, appear, but I cannot tell you which one, there being billions. 

I’m sure the more observant of you will ask why Ivan doesn’t have a camera. In fact he does, this photo was taken on his tripod mounted camera by mouth operated remote control and a very fine electric cable to allow he and Barry to feature in this steam era ‘selfie’. It will never catch on of course. You’ll need to see the original high res photo to spot the cable by the way, the resolution here being too low to see, the cable being only 1/32nd of an inch gauge.

And finally, over by the pub, love hearts Deidre & George wait for the pub to open after a good run on George’s throbbing tractor. 


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