Thursday 31 July 2008

Beer & Steam - The 2008 Woodcote Rally!

Pictures from the 2008 Woodcote Rally Many digitaly captured pictures to add, including scanned medium format imagery.
Be sure to visit the local Woodcote Village website.

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Bemo Feldbahn Loco

I'm so taken with Humbrol Matt 109 as used in the mechanical 'orse, the previously out of the box Bemo HOe locotractor, is also being painted in 'Eclipse Peat Co of Catcott' corporate blue.

This is the result with glazing removed with just one coat (will need 2 or 3). The underframe will need to be 'less fairground' in colour before the whole lot is rusted and dirtied up. A few of these former German wartime narrow gauge units made it to the UK for industrial use after the war.
It's very good mechanism with lots of heavy metal and brass. From the cab forward it's all die cast metal too with very crisp castings. The glazing, removed here is flush too. Running wise, it's a little twitchy with a Gaugemaster handheld feedback unit despite the good weight, mighty fine with something without feedback pulses though.

I like the utiliatarian look of this loco, it getting use on all my narrow gauge exploits. For anyone unfamilar with these Bemo units, this loco is about 2 inches long. Must reduce the length of those couplings - snip.