Monday, 2 January 2023

Still, Thumper Keg, Condenser & Bob

The local fuzz, former investigators of little green men, UFOs and the unexplained, Mouldy & Scullery observe from afar what is quite obviously illicit distilling activity at the rear of The Pedant & Armchair pub. Local cad and ladies’ man, Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe, Farmer George (though we don’t know which George) and snivelling little tick Neil, are testing out their latest moonshine distillery line, which with a little luck will produce a liquor of 190% proof. 

But our moonshiners really should be a little more cautious, because the line is really quite visible and can be easily spotted from passing trains. Moving the old Land Rover and placing the still, thumper keg and condenser under the tree, or even better putting the whole caboodle inside the rickety old workshop would be a wiser option. However it is where it is, but luckily for now at least, Mouldy is scared of Rufus hound, even though he’s the most harmless of animals and Scullery has a serious cat fur allergy. By the way, the cat who is new to the scene, is called ‘Bob’. 

The tales will continue….


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