Tuesday 27 October 2009

59005 ‘Kenneth J Painter’

59005 ‘Kenneth J Painter’ slowly eases a short rake of MFA high sided aggregate wagons out from under the screen at Cement Quay Old Wharf during the late summer of 2007.

Dear Kenneth is a Hornby/Lima 59 with a modified from end to represent the earlier design with US lamps etc. Additional details are from A1 and Shawplan.

The photograph: this was taken under the layout's own lighting. There is nothing fake added, this is the view that the eye sees. The only jiggery has been to extend the depth of field by layer stacking.

Pernicious Palisade

For some truly lethal looking miniature palisade, new kid on the block PH Designs have introduced an etched brass design that will please even the most critical 'N' 'HO'/'OO' and '0 gauge' enthusiasts

Finishing is straightforward, with a blast of grey automotive primer giving a good representation of the galvanised steel finish of the real thing.

Go to www.phd-design.co.uk/ to find out more.......

Monday 26 October 2009

Exit Stage Right!

Update 25 October 2009: The new exit off stage on Cement Quay's right had side is in the process of being disguised with another screen. The top half will be finshed in a similar fashion to the existing screen but will have a bare concrete base. More on this to follow later in the week.

Thursday 15 October 2009

Joining the two modules together!

Earlier today, the two boards were offered together on the new higher (4' 3") trestles I share with Catcott. This is the viewing angle for someone around 6 foot high. Total length scenic is 9 foot x 2 foot. I may operate from the front or behind depending on how scary the audience are when out on the road. The open end on the right hand end allows a wider viewing angle for the punters.

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Further Cement Quay extension progress

Further cement Quay extension progress.

It's all neatly tidied up (with top and rear all boxed in too) seen without lighting pelmet. The white splodges in the water is another layer of PVA drying (goes clear when set).

Last night I joined it up to Cement Quay proper again to align the lighting pelmet height.

Just 3 weeks to Wycrail now.....

Triang Blue Pullman

A Triang Blue Pullman from the mid 1960's. This model must have been quite something in its day. Even now it still looks good, especially the glazing on the parlour cars.

Sunday 11 October 2009

Railway Modelling FAQS

Railway Modelling FAQS
Written and photographed by Ian Futers, Peter Marriott, Chris Nevard and Pelle Søeborg

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Have you ever wondered how railway modelling experts get great looking grass, track or even water? Or maybe you are confused by all the different scales, gauges and other model railway jargon?
No longer do you need to be baffled, broiled and bamboozled – 4 highly acclaimed railway modelling experts, Ian Futers, Peter Marriott, Chris Nevard and Pelle Søeborg answer over 75 questions that frequently confuse and mystify those new and experienced with what has to be the world’s greatest hobby!

'Written by some of the best contemporary modellers, the book is an excellent reference work for the modeller's bookshelf no matter of what gauge or era of the world they model'
Modern Locomotives Illustrated, Jan 2010.

Railway Modelling FAQS is published by Warner Group Publications – the home of British Railway Modelling.


National Festival of Railway Modelling

British Railway Modelling

Thursday 8 October 2009

Catcott Burtle - Top Drawer!

Catcott Crossing Keeper’s Cottage was one of many on the Highbridge Branch. Due to the remoteness of the line many were without running water and electricity.

With much time between passing trains and little in the way of money, it was quite normal to grow vegetables for the table with railway land being allocated for such matters. I recall seeing lineside allotments as late as the 1980’s, though sadly in this health and safety and bean-counter dominated world this has become a thing of the past.

Note the outside privy to the right of the kitchen, then try to imagine the experience at 3am on a cold wet night with a westerly in January, maybe not?