Tuesday, 3 January 2023


Here we are at the colliery deep in The Forest of Dean, as Harry Hi-vis prepares to cue the start of the weekly race to the end of the yard. The winner being the loco, crew and train that make it to the single line section first. 

In recent times, with no clear winner, the heavy braking to avoid collision is often most spectacular, with sparks flying off the wheels as the brakes are applied. I’ve a hunch the Class 20 will win, even though it’s pulling more wagons, it’s all about handicap apparently to make the race fairer. But to be honest I know very little about locomotive power. 

There might be a slight delay though, for Derek & Clive appear to have lost the key to the engine on the right. It’s a regular trick at weekends so as to gain more overtime as they ‘look’ for the key, but today they really have lost the key. Of course, ‘Control’ would certainly not approve of the antics here, but what happens in The Forest, stays in The Forest. 


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