Wednesday 30 August 2023

Super Low Emission Zone

Wednesday morning, and it’s day two of the hugely controversial Super Low Emission Area Zone Enterprise aka SLEAZE set up by self serving Barry Bullhead from The Ministry Misery and his cronies. 

As Derek and Clive pass Mr Bullhead simply going about their daily work pushing wagons around in no particular order, Mr Bullhead shouts out “I want 12s 6d (approximately £12.50 in today’s money with inflation) from you for that not very old steam engine, it falls foul of my new emission standards!” To which Derek and Clive shout back in a no uncertain manner in almost total unison “Don't  pull that fast one you creep, you known we’re exempt, it doesn’t cover steam locomotives, you know that! Your real reason for SLEAZE is because your illegal moonshine business has a huge financial hole in it that needs filling!”

And with a shrill whistle, our champions put two fingers up (four combined) to Mr Bullhead and continue their daily work. 


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