Saturday 2 September 2023

Security Team of Ex-Estate Agents in Hot Pursuit of Bob Geeza's Feline

These days I’m a little vague about what era my layouts are based in. With usually something like ‘the olden days’ or similar usually sufficing. When I started this hobby (and now in latter times my business) more years ago than I wish to recall, I was very specific about the time frame. I recall one of my first layouts being 12 September 1960, with everything having to be completely correct, though why that specific date I’ve no idea now. 

Here we are in more ‘recent times’ which could possibly pass as anytime within the last 30 years (as one gets older, 30 years is yesterday). Former estate agents, now ‘security’ Ben & Jerry are pursuing Bob Geeza Cat for eating Ben’s tuna mayonnaise sandwiches. Bob looks a little cornered with Nasal Nigel and his odd friend Adenoidal Andrew blocking his only escape route short of jumping into the canal. Water and cats not really being a thing. 

However just in the nick of time, Waving Willy rumbles through on the veranda of the diesel shunting loco and waves Bob up. Bob Geeza Cat as some of you my readers will know is quite a champion at jumping onto moving trains so all ends well 🐾

And finally, today's snappy blog title was generated by AI aka artificial intelligence, mmmm, don’t call us, we’ll call you  


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