Friday 11 August 2023

Multipurpose Tools

The men of the track are out to perform a little tweak to the catch-point that serves the canal wharf siding. It frequently gets stuck open, but because the siding slopes down at 1 in 25 below the height of the mainline, nobody has ever been that worried. But ‘control’ are passing through on their inspection train later and won’t be too impressed if they spot a potential hazard like a jammed catch-point. 

On the left, Steve the Spanner holds up his huge adjustable spanner which can be adapted to any situation. It can even be used as a hammer, a door stop or crowbar, making it a most wonderful multi-purpose tool which can be used in both metric and imperial settings. Most extraordinary you must agree.

But much to everybody’s surprise, Percival Pickaxe jumps in with his multi-purpose tool which can be used for making holes in coconuts, moonshine stills and almost anything else that needs damaging beyond repair. However in this case, it will quite likely do a great job freeing up the stuck point/switch blade. 


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