Monday, 28 August 2023

Another Effing Bank Holiday Monday

Monochrome Monday again, and because the colour meter isn’t topped up until Tuesday morning, today as with most Mondays will be presented in black and white. 

Today here in Little England it’s a bank holiday for some random reason. I’ve often wondered if it instead should be moved to around the autumn clock change at the end of October. After all it’s miserable enough that time of year, and I’m sure many would relish the thought of going on a major bender the Sunday prior, the bank holiday Monday could be used for recovery. 

Here we have our loveable rogues doing their rounds dropping their illicit liquor off at a couple of pubs, for them a bank holiday is a loss of income. The Miners Arms, is named after a miner who had muscular arms that would put Popeye to shame. The pub is popular with underage drinkers, and of course miners, many of whom are rather vertically challenged, so are often mistaken for miners, the underaged ones, not those that spend 12 hours underground. Confused? I am after writing that load of old tosh. 

The lower photo is outside The Kettle Inn, a rough old joint and famous for wasp chewing competitions and it’s knuckle sandwiches. Fanciers of bad architecture will notice the chimney above the men’s toilet. It’s a real stinker, and rather than invest in bleach, it’s actually a tall vent in an attempt to purge pungent vile air hopefully above the heads of those passing by. It didn’t made the CAMRA Good Beer Guide this year, nothing to do with the stinking loo, but because the former beer pumps now only serve moonshine on draught. 


You can top up the colour meter here…

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