Thursday 24 August 2023

WTF Thursday


Daddy (Mendip) Sentinel is taking Junior (Simon) Sentinel for a trip around the brewery sidings. One day he’ll have a red nameplate just like his father, so he won’t forget his name when living out his autumn days on a preserved railway - aka nursing home for old engines, wagons and coaches. 

Once Simon has learned how to use his wheels to run on his own rails, there will be no need for the pram wagon. Problem is that when toddler engines are so young, they need new track every other week as they need a wider and wider gauge. 

Having a growing up steam loco can be quite a financial outlay over the years, especially is they have aspirations of training to become a passenger express locomotive at Locomotive University. And then you have the occasional one that wants to become a diesel or even an electric loco, this can require quite advanced mechanical engineering, but with usually excellent results. 

And finally young Simon has learned that he’s only allowed to deposit water, oil and ash when at the locomotive depot, but he does struggle using a full sized adult ash pit. They grow up so quickly at this age…


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