Monday, 21 August 2023

Brambles, Thorns and a TT Gauge Flying Scotsman

Monochrome Monday again, and because the colour meter isn’t topped up until Tuesday morning, today as with most Mondays will be presented in black and white. 

Here we are at Combwich on a damp, drizzly morning in late august. It’s hoped that the sun will break though shortly. Well that’s what the plumby sounding weather forecaster said on the BBC Light Programme a few minutes ago on the wireless. 

There are no little people to be seen, for they are either on the train, driving the engine, having breakfast or simply keeping dry. Though in all weathers Nasal Nigel tends to hide in the brambles in his sticky green flasher-mac fiddling with his TT gauge ‘Flying Scotsman’. It’s quite possible that he’s lurking in the brambles on the left just beyond the wooden barrels. I hope he’s watching out for the thorns, though to him that might be part of the pleasure. 


You can top up the colour meter here…

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