Friday 4 August 2023

LSWR Adams Radial

 #FEF #frontendfriday aka Front End Friday 

Friday frequently sees all sorts of random locos briefly passing through Brew Street. Double Denim Dancing Dando appears to be rather smitten with this one, so does a quick shimmy for the camera. It’s the sort of loco that with its graceful lines looks like it could be the star of the dancehall, not that locomotives do such very often. But I know nothing….  

He needs to be quick though, because in a minute or three, another engine will take its place posing before the camera, which could be anything from a Class 142 to an A4 Pacific or even a nuclear flask wagon - though he isn’t too keen on such because of the radiation, albeit super low, can make his false teeth rattle. 

In the distance, I see our moonshiners are parked up outside The Kettle Inn, though with such a noisy steamy beast, they really should take more care and not draw too much attention to themselves. They’re popped by to cheer the ladies with the the weekly wasp chewing competition, it being a popular event with the local ‘geeza birds’ off the local estate especially after a few shots of 180% proof hooch. 

Thw loco is a 4-4-2 Adams Radial by Oxford Rail.


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