Wednesday 23 August 2023

Blown Head Gasket

Beryl’s recently supercharged Austin 7 has blown a head gasket, so it’s being taken by rail to the garage for repairs. It’s always blowing gaskets due to the excessively over-bored engine. But she’s happy with this irritation, for “it goes like shit off a shovel” - Beryl’s words, not mine. 

Back in the olden days, there were far more railway lines than roads, so broken down road vehicles were regularly taken by rail to be fixed. Most railway stations and yards had a mobile crane to assist with such duties. 

Because Beryl pays for a premium breakdown service, she’s been given a replacement vehicle for the duration her Austin 7 will be away. Much like today, replacement vehicles were ‘budget’, and in this instance she’s been loaned a 3-wheeled Heinkel Kabine, which is even smaller and definitely slower than her pimped up Austin 7. 

And finally, fans of Bob Geezer Cat will hopefully have spotted him lurking within this cameo. 


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