Friday 25 August 2023

Messing About With Vintage Lenses

 Friday evening at Brew Street, and it’s been a long day for the crew and their elderly ex Great Eastern Railway J15 which is standing in for the more usual ex Midland Railway 3F. 

In the late 1950s it’s not generally known, but two J15s were borrowed from the Eastern Region to trial in the former Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway Highbridge and Combwich branches. Their light axle loading making them ideal for lines that mostly floated on a huge bog. It wasn’t a success, for they were just as decrepit as the engines they were planned to replace. 

Above the engine, regular readers will spot the moonshine still, which after a few weeks travelling around the bog-lands on a Sentinel steam lorry has relocated to the roof of a cooperage. The set up feeds the raised tank to the right for storage, it masquerading as an innocent water tank. 

The reality, I quite like messing about with old lenses, this shot being taken on a Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera through a vintage 35mm Jupiter 12 wide angle lens made in the USSR in 1983. It adapts to the camera via an inexpensive 39mm screw thread to Nikon Z adapter. I bought this lens 30 or more years ago if I recall correctly. Being designed for a rangefinder camera like a Zorki, or if you’re posh a Leica, it only focuses down to 1 metre, I but discovered if I unscrew the lens to the verge of disengaging the adapter ring, it will focus to around 18 inches. The photo being the result. 


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