Sunday 6 August 2023

No Sunday Service

In the latter years of the railway to Combwich, there wasn’t a Sunday rail service. It was all part of a ploy to get people off the railways, much like the weekend rail replacement bus services of modern times. It was all part of a scheme to boost the motor industry, much like the present day to get people to lease electric cars which they’ll never own made in highly polluting factories in the Far East powered by dirty electricity. Own nothing be happy. I’d better stop, before I’m lynched by the finger pointing green stripe number plate brigade stuck on the hard shoulder of the M25 waiting for the AA to top their batteries up because they used the air conditioning. 

Liz and Teresa are waiting for a train to get them to Highbridge so they can get back to that there London. They might be there some time, as Barry Bullhead and Deliberation Dave eye them up and wonder if they’d like to join them in The Star when it opens in 5 minutes. Liz & Teresa are thinking the same thing, and anyway they’re desperate to meet some common people hoping they’ll be more fun than stuffy Tarquinius and Toby who they usually hang out with at the local hunt. Though with Dave and Barry, the ‘fun’ aspect will almost certainly be missing. 


As usual, pinch, tap, swipe, click, or whatever you have to do to zoom in. And if you enjoyed this post and lease a vehicle you’ll never own, feel free to throw a few more sovs away


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