Saturday 12 August 2023

Freshly Squeezed

“Here we go again” I hear you mutter, “damn moonshine this, moonshine that, yada yada… zzzzz”

Deliberation Dave, the king of taking risks and trying out new things has decided to go into the apple juice business, unformented of course. The unadulterated juice is pressed from fresh apples grown in his extensive country garden on the nearby southwesterly facing hilly slopes of the Mendip ridge that extends just northeast of The Levels. 

Harry the Hammer and Doug are a little sceptical, but it’s looking likely that they might buy a bottle or 2, for after all they can alway pop a tot of moonshine in it if too sweet. 

To the right, Comical Ned, with the funny shaped head is trying to gauge what’s going on. And even Nasal Nigel has climbed out of the brambles after playing with his TT scale Flying Scotsman locomotive. Hopefully he’ll wash his hands before handling Dave’s bottles of freshly squeezed juice. 


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