Saturday, 26 August 2023

In the Nick of Time

It’s Saturday down at the canal wharf, and as usual PC Rob Banks and Officer Crook are doing their twice daily walkabout to track down any nefarious activities, which invariably involve the production, sale and distribution of some kind of hooch. 

They start with Hubert the conversational Latin speaking horse. But Hubert is no snitch and just grunts in Latin which has the desired effect. 

Over the the right, local charmer, ‘businessman’ and smarmy ladies’ man Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe accompanied by the utterly charmless self-serving Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery prepare to dart off in Terry’s sporty red Triumph Roadster. The goods train conveniently placing a moving barrier between them and our hapless coppers to hide their depart just in time. 

Terry and Barry are feeling doubly smug, because the narrowboat and goods train are both carrying several barrels and jars of their latest batch of hooch which is currently being distributed from the large tank above the second wagon in the train. The boater is Waving Willy by the way, and half brother of Waving Wayne who some of you may recall from previous posts. 

Meanwhile, Bob Geeza Cat is more than a little concerned about the state of the mast on the old sailing barge. It looks like it could snap at any moment due to woodworm. 


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