Saturday 5 August 2023

Canal Aged Brandy

Saturday down by the canal, Colin is trying out a cunning plan to replicate ‘sea ageing’ with the latest batch of illicitly produced ‘brandy’. The main problem is that they have a whole tank wagon of the stuff to ‘age’, the aforementioned wagon lurking behind the engine masquerading as a petrochemical tank. 

More wooden casks will be needed, and certainly more boats, or even a ship to carry out the task. As usual all our usual suspects gather around to dish out advice, but will no doubt soon come to the conclusion that they might as well pop a few casks on the veranda of a rough riding old brake van, the effect will be much the same. But with sulphurous sooty air creating its own unique character instead of the more traditional salty sea air. And anyway, the stillness of the water in the canal us unlikely to create enough motion for the ageing process. 

The Kettle Inn will open in just a few minutes, so it’s very likely that a planning meeting will hastily take place in the public bar to discuss where to source empty wooden casks from. They’ll also need to design a ramp to get the booze filled casks onto the brakevan without damage. 


As usual, pinch, tap, swipe, click, or whatever you have to do to zoom in. And  if you enjoyed this post, you can help to buy more casks here

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