Tuesday 20 September 2022

Tree Surgery

Tuesday morning at Windmill Sidings, and tree surgeon ‘oh my gawd’ Oliver is horrified that the tree has been allowed to grow up around the disused windmill. The mill was last used in 1846, should any Nasal Nigel’s out there comment that there’d never be a windmill so close to the railway. These days  it’s mostly used as a moonshine store and shag-pad by the local Teds grinding their oats.

Meanwhile on the left, deliberation Dave is trying to work out how the three link coupling got placed over the hook the wrong way, but puts it down to the bumpy track. However in reality, Gulliver the local giant a few minutes beforehand had picked up the engine and turned it upside down to check the wheels and didn’t notice before pressing the shutter button. 

Tree surgery can be expensive, but you can help fund the tree’s trim here www.buymeacoffee.com/Nevardmedi3

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