Sunday, 11 September 2022

Flying Pig

Many of our usual suspects are out and about this morning as Bath shed’s ’Flying Pig’ No.43017 rumbles through with an Evercreech bound goods. There the train will be split up for Highbridge and Poole. 

To the left, Doug and Barry Bullhead are actually discussing bird watching for a change, no not stiletto heeled ones you saucy types, but the feathered variety. The colliery attracts sorts birds, including what was believed to be an eagle a couple of years ago, but it’s usually just pigeons. And of course there is our Beryl who loves a ‘man who can’ to help here fix her rundown ivy clad country pyre, the colliery employs many ‘men who can’. 

Ladies’ man, Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe and ‘oh dear boy don’t you know’ Ivan Locksmith and his loyal hound Rodney (pronounced ‘Wodney’) are as usual working out a deal for a crate of local hooch. That’s nothing new there. 

Over to the right, for a few carrots, Hubert the conversational Latin speaking horse is teaching Cyril a few useful Latin phrases should he ever get his time machine working and visit a Roman pub. The pub will be open shortly, so Cyril will be able to test his new language skills on Albertus Titling the only Latin speaking landlord in the whole of Somerset. 

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