Saturday 10 September 2022


Saturday morning at the terminus, and Dud is pointing his new Rolleicord camera at his engine. It has a viewfinder that you look down into, with Dud striking a pose not dissimilar to that of today’s smartphone generation as he frames up his arty shot of the screw coupling. These wonderful cameras take a bit of getting used to, because not only do you look down, but the image is reversed as well. The resulting square negative or transparency makes it ideal for Instagram, but sadly that’s yet to be invented. 

The single milk tank wagon is from the dairy in the distance, milk wagons usually being attached to the passenger service. On busy days there can be half a dozen of more milk tanks, with the single passenger coach bringing up the rear. 

Sadly, apart from railway enthusiasts, passengers are few and far these days, and there are rumours that the line will soon lose its passenger service.  But for now at least we and the little people can enjoy this miniature rose-tinted view of Little Britain. Oh yes, and Philbert the fixer on the platform has what looks like a crate of cider for later - so all is good. 

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Me, many moons ago with my Rolleicord 

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