Wednesday 7 September 2022

Farmer George

Young George, most days drives his tractor over to the edge of the brook so his can watch the arrival of the lunchtime service from Tiverton Junction. His excuse is to check that no sheep have fallen in to the water. 

He wishes he was an engine driver, but being the son of a farmer, there is no way that can ever happen, for he is expected the carry on the farming business that’s been in the family for hundreds of years. But at least, time allowing, he can observe the trains from this wonderful vantage point. 

Like most farmers, George works 7 days a week, but tomorrow he’s having a rare morning off, so he intends to ride on the small train as a special treat to the junction and back. There he’s hoping that he’ll bump into local creamery worker Deidre Dinkle, the flirty darling of the butter blending department. When on the mid shift, she gets the train seen here, and George’s clever plan is to ride the cushions back from the junction with her. And if successful, he’ll take her for a ride on his chugging green tractor after she finishes her shift. 

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