Sunday, 4 September 2022

Trip to Portishead

Sunday morning at the colliery and old sad eyes arrives with empties from Portishead Power Station. Nasal Nigel, who we’ve not seen for a while is there to witness the event and to point out to the loco crew that they’re doing everything wrong in his squeaky irritating adenoidal tone “you don’t what to do that, you want to do this”. 

After swapping the empties for full wagons, Nasal Nigel will get a free trip to Portishead buried up to his neck in coal riding fresco in one of the trucks. But Mother won’t be happy to have to wash his green bus-spotter flasher-mac when he eventually gets home in 4 days time dazed and confused. But at least he has his scale model of a GWR Flying Banana railcar in his ‘special pocket’ which comes with every bus-spotter flasher-mac to keep him company. 

Help to raise money for a new coat for Nigel 

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