Friday 16 September 2022

Missing Sheep

Comical Ned (with the funny shaped head) is trying to entice Farmer George and Hubert (the conversational Latin speaking horse) over for a lunchtime pint at the Jolly Farmer in the distance. But George is a busy man, as are all farmers and is not sure he has the time, for he needs to find a possible broken fence after some of his sheep were found propping up the bar in The Railway Hotel in Culmstock last night. 

Driver Arthritic Arthur cries from the passing train to say that local creamery worker Deidre Dinkle, the flirty darling of the butter blending department is in the pub playing toad in the hole (quite how Arthur knows what the conversation is, I have no idea, but Arthur knows everybody and everything). 

George has had a crush on Deidre for ages, and this might be a chance for him to finally ask her out for a ride on his brand new combine harvester. He might also find a couple more of his missing sheep, which means he can justify it as work whilst also satisfying his inner lust for love.

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