Sunday, 18 September 2022

Ballcocks & Grease Nipples

Arthritic Arthur likes to perform all sorts of stunts, he’s quite a trooper. This morning he’s going to climb up the water tower to release a stuck ballcock. Other members of the loco crew have offered, but he won’t have it. “Look you youngsters, I’ve been releasing lofty ballcocks for 58 years, I’m not about to stop now. Stand back and I’ll show you how it’s done, not that I’m going to let you have a go at releasing this ballcock”. Arthur simply has to be humoured, but being decent men, they will all gather around the base of the water tower to catch him should he fall after releasing and greasing the ballcock grease nipple. That’s presuming he makes it to the top that is. 

Control again have been having fun rostering unusual engines to shunt the sidings. Today it’s an ex LNWR 0-8-0 ‘Super D’ arriving with the works train. Much like Arthur, this short train is usually a random mix of carriages and wagons that should have been retired years ago - In fact they probably have been, but here in this remote network of wharves and sidings, things tend to get lost and forgotten. I’m sure years to come it will be a treasure trove of old railway paraphernalia that was thought to have been recycled in to Ford Cortinas and pilchard tins decades ago.

And finally to the left, Comical Ned (with the funny shaped head) looks on in awe, he’s always wanted a grease gun to play with, thinking it’s something the ladies would enjoy. But todays he’s discovered that it’s a workshop tool, not an adult toy. Though I’m sure with a little imagination it could be used as such. Anyway, enough of this saucy banter, for this is a family post, enjoyed by grown-ups - many of who have a Thomas the Tank Engine character as their social media avatar. 

Thank you to those who help support this daily nonsense

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