Thursday 29 September 2022

End of the Rainbow

Thursday morning at Combwich, and much like the weather today in Little Little Britain, it’s a mixed bag of sunshine and showers as the 11.35am service departs through a brief downpour heading for the evasive end of the rainbow. 

Carriage fans will notice that passengers have the relative luxury of a post-war Swindon built ‘brake composite’ carriage, with this incarnation having first, third class and a guard’s compartment for moonshine and bicycles. Second class hadn’t existed since Victorian times (apart from the GWR who kept it until 1910), for in olden times, if you weren’t posh travelling on the cushions in first, you needed to be made to feel as much like a pleb as possible. 

Moving to the present day, it’s rumoured that in Little Little Britain, it’s looking increasingly possible that second class (aka ‘standard class’ since 1988) will soon be ‘rebranded’ as third class in the government’s ongoing quest to bring back the good old days of Victorian extreme poverty, wealth and misery. 

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