Monday 12 September 2022

Red Light

Monochrome Monday (almost). After her shift, Ursula the old brakevan likes nothing better that to take in the setting sun and reflect on her long day of hanging off the back of goods trains. 

But by innocently displaying her red lamp, she occasionally attracts the wrong types. Soon to be retired wheezing geezer engine, ‘Super D’ Douglas, with his uneven beat, plods over to Ursula and jokingly asks her what she charges for a pull on his coupling. 

She soon sends him on his way, for her regular guard is best mates with his fireman who can cause him untold misery with a poker in his firebox. Luckily she’s used to these flirty old boys, knowing it’s only harmless banter and that their rusty old boilers are about to expire and that they’ll soon be replaced by a good looking fit and shiny new diesel electric supermodel. 

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