Thursday 22 September 2022

Old Sad Eyes

It’s a bright September morning at Hemyock, and Bruce and Barry look at ‘old sad eyes’ which has recently taken over from steam. This loco, a North British Type 2 Diesel Hydraulic does have a certain understated charm, but of course we Brits always like an underdog, unless it’s a Deltic or Western, then we get very excited and have to remember to carry a clean handkerchief when in the vicinity of such beasts. Or if a Class 37, a full box of Kleenex and ear plugs to protect the hearing from all the high pitched nasal squeals and flying phlegm. 

Like many diesel loco designs of the 1950/60s, some only had a very short life, and quite often less than a decade. This being due to flawed design combined with a rapidly changing railway where the engine would have no role to play. ‘Old sad eyes’ would be seen living out its final days on remote secondary lines and demolition trains cleaning up for Dr Beeching. Or in this case, milk trains. 

None of these locos sadly survived the cutter’s torch, but I gather one was put aside for preservation, but was accidentally cut up to be turned in to sardine cans. You my loyal reader will probably know more I’m sure.

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