Saturday 30 March 2024

Time Shifters: The Eccentric Rituals of Little England's Clock Circle

Here in Little England, twice a year in preparation for the overnight clock change, the ancient ironstone circle has to be moved to reflect the loss or gain of an hour. 

Luckily these days it’s a little easier with cranes and other such fangled machines of the modern age. However, a little manual manoeuvring is still required to adjust for the minutes, the big machines taking care of the hour change. 

I rather wish that ‘Pickaxe’ Eddie wouldn’t use his pickaxe on the ancient stones, for I’m sure since he’s been involved twice a year, there are more stones than there used to be. I’m also sure some of the stones have changed shape too. 

Each time a stone is relocated, Double Denim Dando does a little shimmy, you can see him doing one right now. And of course Waving Wayne is here to coordinate things, though to be honest he’s been waving ever since he arrived on site, so he’s mostly ignored by everyone apart from nearby dog walkers who think he’s being friendly.


Creating these posts is thirsty work…

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