Saturday 16 March 2024

Pink Panda

Pink Panda

It’s all happening outside The Miners Arms today. Newly formed railway guard dance trio and occasional Morris men; Dwayne, Dusty and Dillon also known as ‘The Three Dees’, are performing their latest moves which centre around a crate of moonshine, and this morning a point lever. 

Meanwhile it looks like Shrewsbury engine shed’s ‘Webb Coal Tank’ has ‘gone missing’ and turned up here again in the Forest of Dean. And this being The Forest, means there’s no way those in charge at Shrewsbury will be able to track it down. Though to be honest, they’ve been try to get the engine scrapped for years, with it usually disappearing when paperwork is about to be signed for withdrawal. 

And finally, PC Rob Banks is questioning everyone after his not very trusty Ford Anglia police ‘panda car’ was painted pink overnight. Of course, our fav’ Bob Geeza Cat is here to balance the scene which he always does so well, for he is such a clever cat 🐾


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