Wednesday 27 March 2024

East Meets West

A sunny morning at Combwich. A rare view showing an ex Great Eastern Railway J15 being tested on the Combwich line. With the Eastern Region of British Railways being the first region to almost totally eliminate steam, they having a surplus of engines. 

The Western Region of BR, who’d recently taken over the former SDJR system, were keen to find replacements for the mostly ancient ex Midland Railway locomotives. Though this loco being of a similar age, the light axle loading of the J15 made them ideal for a line mostly laid across a bog. They were also briefly used on the Watlington branch in Oxfordshire around the same time. 

Sadly, the trial only lasted a few weeks and little photographic evidence exists, this being a rare 6x6 cm colour transparency recently found in a long lost archive at the back of Beryl’s knicker drawer which was thought to be lost in the mists of time. 

Though often history makes little sense, as no doubt future generations will look back at the present time with all its associated nonsense which mostly revolves around business opportunities absorbed by a gullible proletariat. As has always been the case of course. 


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