Friday 22 March 2024

Spence the Spanner

Spence the Spanner has been working all night with his big spanner and pot of grease. There’s nothing he can’t build with this versatile combination. 

And here is is standing back this bright morning to examine his conversion of what was a GWR Collett 2251 into something more ‘continental’ looking. 

Spence has always wanted to go abroad and mix with those continental types, especially with his love for garlic, red wine, smelly cheese and steam engines that look like are inside-out. But alas he doesn’t have a passport due to the fact that he’s struggled use his big spanner and grease pot to fill in the application. Though he has tried many times, albeit unsuccessfully. 

Meanwhile Bob Geeza Cat poses like he always does so well, and offers to fill in Spence’s passport application, for he is such a clever cat. But alas Spence doesn’t understand ’meow’, and Bob can’t speak in ‘Spence’. 


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