Tuesday 12 March 2024

Hobby Graveyard

Looking through my back catalogue for todays post, this one popped up from 2007 - 17 years ago, which in digital photography land is almost pre-historic. It’s a scene on Ankle Bend Crossing on my Combwich layout. The rather too shiny tanker I think is a Langley white metal kit, which proves that possibly moonshine transportation activities have been going on in the land of the inch high for far longer than I recall. 

I might even finish it one day, for it sits in the bottom drawer in the railway room. That drawer being called ‘the hobby graveyard’, it being full of wagons and other junk that needs fixing, along with almost finished kits that didn’t really cut the mustard. I should donate the contents to the local club for their exhibition where they always have a table of old tat for sale. Surprisingly most of the tat gets sold, though I imagine most of it ends up in somebody else’s ‘hobby graveyard drawer’ never to be fixed. 

I digress, for most I imagine be more interested in the single car DMU which is a Lima cut-and-shove made up from a twin car unit. I think I did that in the 80s when it’s quite likely the full sized version was still in regular use. It runs like pig, even though the crappy Lima mechanism was swapped out for a Spud or something similar. Still, it looks pretty if nothing else.


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