Wednesday 6 March 2024

That’s Your Lot….

That’s your lot…..

Today we take the time machine back 58 years, to the 6th March 1966. And here we are at the end of the road for Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway apart from a few freight only stubs, spurs or whatever you want to call them lasting for just a few more years. 

Many of our favourites have come out to see the very last train, not hauled by anything fancy, just an old Western Region allocated Stanier 8F goods loco without steam heating. But it’s not too cold, and anyway the upholstery in the equally decrepit carriages burns well, so not an issue if a bit of heat is required. 

Goodbye old Somerset & Dorset, in my alternative parallel universe you have provided much fun in the land of the inch high. Farewell and Godspeed in that great fiddle yard in the sky, laters….

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