Tuesday 5 March 2024

High Speed 1.9

Down on the docks. For years Pete, Dud and Neil have been asking for a passenger service on the light railway system. The day has finally arrived with the delivery of the much hyped train! No expense is spared as we can see! Alas budgets are tight, with management announcing that there might be some minor compromises over the original specification. 

Pete, Dud and Neil check over the 1st class accommodation, in fact there is only one class - how very inclusive. And as a bonus, the management announce that the unusual 6 wheel arrangement will provide an enhanced ride over the rickety old rails. 

The motive power comes in the form of an old tractor, with top speed of 9mph, and in the event of a fuel shortage can be easily adapted to run on moonshine. There is always plenty of moonshine around.


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