Thursday 7 March 2024

Screw in Strap Lugs

Many old cameras don’t have a means of attaching a cameras strap, they being designed to sit in a case when out and about with strap attached to the case. It always worries me that when I’m wandering around with some ancient pride and joy looking out for photo opportunities that I’ll trip and the camera will fly. 

I found on eBay (other online retailers can supply too) that you can get a screw in strap lug (sounds a little kinky I know) that will screw into the 1/4 inch tripod thingamygig for just a couple of sovs. Probably not new to you guys and gals, but I’m so excited I had to let someone else know seeing my wife doesn’t share my enthusiasm. 

The camera is a 1956/7 vintage Zeiss Contina in great working condition picked up for £12 on flea bay. I found the rather fetching red string in the bottom of the ‘stuff’ drawer in the kitchen.


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