Tuesday 19 March 2024

Moorewood Colliery Revisited

A scene on my OO9 (1/76 scale on 9mm track) Moorewood Colliery. It’s fully wired and working, but really needs finishing off and placing in a lit diorama case with backscene and built in photography grade lighting. 

The narrowboat on the left is from one of those inexpensive Craftline balsa wood and paper kits. Not very accurate but an affordable option. Sadly there is very little in the way of accurate narrowboat kits out there apart from elderly Langley white metal kits and to my eyes an overscale in height, but very nice resin kit from Skytrex. 

Track is the usual Peco ‘crazy track’, it’s not that crazy though, it just sits there and doesn’t even make a murmur. The winding house in the distance is scratch built. The pithead is again from Craftline, but I don’t think it’s in their current range. It’s very similar to the one at the Black Country Museum in Dudley. The bigger building is an excellent laser cut from those lovely people at Petite Properties and is available as a full building like here, as well as low relief. 

The loco is from Roxey Mouldings and is based on a prototype that ran in Cyprus. It sits on a Farish 2-6-2 N gauge chassis. It’s a lovely runner with that heavy white metal body. Wagons behind are no longer available resin one offs from several years ago. They’re based on ones that used to run on the China clay tramways on the Isle of Purbeck. And the tipper wagons are Roco, a couple of which date from the 1980s. I believe they’re still current. 

And of course we have Barry Bullhead from ModelU and Hubert the conversational Latin speaking horse from Langley Models. 

I did a rather creepy video a couple of three years ago going in to more detail https://youtu.be/p_1zmzb3yxw?si=8LzI6pTizNccswHq

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