Wednesday 13 March 2024

Using Expired Film

Cad, charmer, business and ladies’ man Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe is taking Dizzy Lizzie for a wander around the docks, because as we know ladies (ask mother if you don’t know what one is) love a wander around a dockyard that’s seen better days with a smarmy pretend posh bloke with a penchant for tweed. 

And in contrast to the semi-derelict landscape, they come across an ex-works Little British Railways Standard Class 2 locomotive which has just finished pottering about with a few wagons from here to there and there to here, as well as movements in between. It’s believed that Hornby based their recent release on this particular locomotive, but of course that might just pure conjecture on my behalf. 

And finally for the photographyholics here, a couple of months ago I was given some expired fridge stored Kodak 400 asa 35mm colour negative film of unknown age (it was unboxed, but the graphics on the canister current). Rather than waste it, out of curiosity I popped it through my Nikon FE at half the box speed to compensate for reduced sensitivity due to its possible age of maybe 10 years out of date. It’s come out okay-ish, given the base fog level is higher than in-date film (another feature of old expired film). 

But in this era of smooth digital capture, we forget how grainy 400 asa film is. But it is what it is, and it certainly creates a vintage look. Using expired film I gather is quite fashionable these days, personally I don’t get it. But at least I’ve been there done that - but I don’t want the T shirt. 


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