Friday 15 September 2023

Mendip Hills Light Railway

Here we are up on the 2ft 3 inch gauge Mendip Hills Light Railway which snakes from nowhere in particular to nowhere in particular. It was primarily built to serve lead mines, quarries and industry often of dubious nature. 

Keen fans of industrial history and heritage will struggle to find the route of the line on the likes of the excellent National Library of Scotland Side by Side Mapping website (Google them). This is mostly due to the transient nature of the line with its many branches and spurs, some of which only last a few months before being re-routed. Some of the lesser know branches and spurs, especially the ones serving business of dubious nature can be cleverly disguised with roll up tall grass matting and dead leaves to made them less than obvious to the casual observer. 

Here we have our merry band of ‘craft distillers’ somewhere near The village of Priddy high up in the hills with their bespoke ‘Moonshine Express’ which has been built from a repurposed garden shed, an ex military bogie wagon for the moonshine still and an old school bus. 

Sadly the train appears to have broken down, the constant bouncing around on the rough track has caused mechanical failure with the motorised garden shed conversion nearest. But all will I’m sure will be okay, for Harry the Hammer is on hand, and as we know he can fix almost anything with his precision tool. 

And finally, up there on the left, Nasal Nigel has risen out of the tall grass like Nosferatu to see what’s going on after being disturbed fiddling with his new TT gauge ‘Flying Scotsman’ locomotive. 


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