Friday 22 September 2023

Unveiling the Mysterious Exchange: Highbridge Shed's Pannier Tank for Shrewsbury Shed's 'Coal Tank'

 It’s #FEF or #frontendfriday again. We’ve not done one of these for at least 6 days. 

Shrewsbury shed’s ’Coal Tank’ is back in deepest most remote Somerset again after being un officially poached by Highbridge Shed in exchange for one one of their ex GWR pannier tanks forced on them by the Western Region of British Railways who have recently taken control. 

The WR hate the former SDJR and are keen to make their mark, but the inch high will always do their best to disrupt their new masters, even though they know that ultimately the WR will win and most likely close the line in due course. 

Regular Roger and Deliberation Dave are chatting about the ‘borrowed’ engine having never crewed a ‘Coal Tank’ before, but Roger does his best to assure Dave that it’s just another kettle on wheels that goes chuffetty-chuff-chuff-toot-toot, but not necessarily in that order. 

And finally, Bob Geeza Cat, for those that read yesterday’s post will be relieved to see that the stray pet catchers didn’t achieve their evil goal. And here he is doing what he does best by helping to balance the composition of yet another photo. He’s also balancing on top of the rail, though for a cat that’s quite natural. Such a clever cat 🐾

And finally finally, the title of today's post was generated by Ai - I fear such still has a little way to go  


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