Monday 25 September 2023

Not Monochrome Monday

Not monochrome Monday. A couple of colour tokens were found under the cushions on the settee in the living room last night, so todays post is unusually in colour. 

In Little England with fuel prices going up yet again, Hubert the conversational Latin speaking the horse & shunter Sid have hidden a full petrochemical wagon next to the pub, for it’s unlikely the greedy petrochemical company will notice. 

Over to the right, it looks like Dave & Den the diesel men have just spotted it having inconveniently run out of fuel next to the pub. But topping up their tank could be tricky without a pump and long hose, so they’ll need to have a strategy meeting over a couple of pints. 

Meanwhile Malcolm enjoys his super sized Mars Bar and a crate of cider on his dinghy. Be more like Malcolm, for he appears to have everything sorted. 


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