Tuesday 19 September 2023

High Speed 1.5 / HS1.5

Today is the launch of the new HS1.5 slightly faster than normal rail service running from nowhere in particular to somewhere else that is nowhere in particular. To try to entice potential travellers to take what is a rather expensive service, the locomotives have been given animated faces controlled by Ai to try to attract the Thomas the Smug Blue Engine generation. 

The first passengers are Dizzy Lizzie who is desperate to get back in to the limelight and awkward Teresa who doesn’t have any friends. 

However due to cost savings on what is an already vastly over budget project, the designer of the train decided to get rid of all the doors, knowing that nobody will want to travel on the train. However fans of the new railway will be able to operate the trains remotely like a giant trainset via a smartphone app for a monthly fee of £14.99. They expect the app uptake to be popular with trainsim fanatics and those familiar with DCC control bringing the new railway into profit by 2030 even though it won’t have carried a single passenger. 

Meanwhile Lizzy and Teresa have gone to the pub for a gin and to download the app via the pub wifi. 


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